Monday, March 9, 2009

hello! gloomy day

oh lordy lord. i had this crazy, crazy long post written on my one-year etsy anniversary/spring break last week, but was waiting to upload some pictures to add to it. then i got totally immersed in art orders, then school started back... so obviously, by now it's gone. i have no idea where it went but here's basically what it said:

- i am so happy in the new place. my room is over twice the size of the last place. my roommate is totally perfect/fun/considerate AND shares interests. we had a fun party our first settled weekend, & i hadn't gotten to play host since like 2006? other good things: having people over while i do homework, and remembering how much i love sitting in livingrooms on a couch instead of holed up in my room all day. "craft night"s turned lazy fun girl night... with so many more to come. oh lord i don't even know. it's just a great place! i love my room, my huge closet, my giant bathroom, my helpful landlord (who just shoved his hand down our disposal because we were too scared to), kailey's kitten (who is asleep on my leg). i even love that it means i'm back to walking a minimum of two miles a day again, between getting to the subway, from the subway to classes, and back. this is a good way to start spring!

- alllthough. i miss blogging, making new things, taking pictures, did i say making new things? i've been so, so busy with this semester and will NEVER take this many classes at one time ever again! unless one is just a wonky easy class at least. i just registered for my summer classes and that's pretty exciting... the idea of 9-12/9-2 days and walking as many doggies as possible! but for now, i've got to stick this out and get through it. i still haven't gotten to use my sticker maker, and any time i have to make things goes to orders.

- which brings me to my one year etsy-verssary. :) i am just so thrilled to have gotten on etsy. while i still don't take myself and the things i make too terribly serious, it is incredibly exciting that i hit 130 orders in one year. the day of, i had just mailed out a huge custom invitation order, a wholesale card order, 40 notebooks to one shop, and trying to figure out how i was going to get another 40 to a different shop. i'm just so shocked & happy about how many consignment/wholesale orders i had a chance to do, and a wedding i got to make 125 notebooks for, and however many households are using my napkins at their dinners! i'm just SO very thankful. it allowed me to get by doing etsy & philapets (love my jobs!) instead of having to work at a job i hate again. and it isn't like i wouldn't be making all of these things in the mean time, at least now they are going somewhere!

i am actually going to end this now. i have lots of really fun things in the works- like maybe a livingroom reorganizing two-girl party with kailey this weekend (ha!), hopefully spending a few months in guatemala/costa rica/SOMEWHERE with a fam next summer learning spanish & volunteering (POTENTIAL DREAM COME TRUE), and a huge purchase to allow me to fulfill one of my dorky art dreams (!!!)
so next time, i will cover all of those things and bore everyone to death.