Thursday, January 22, 2009

back to school, yuck

tis the season for books and short nights of sleep and sore bones from being bent over homework. i opted to take an additional class beyond what i essentially took last semester, forgetting that the math & chem i had then was super easy basic material... so i'm pretty much feeling flustered already. while i love homework, i've been much more beat than usual lately. it doesn't help that i had to go to the doctor today (what else is new!), which resulted in my first missed class of the semester... three days in! i'm hoping this semester will be a lot less, hm, health intensive, so i can keep my work on track. i had a dang b+ stinking up my grades and can hopefully get ALL a's this time around.

so basically, if you think of lilly as homework and scuz as me, this is a pretty good metaphor for my week.

(there is a whole series of these, taken by my poor roommate, that i've posted on my flickr)

i am hoping to do some silk screening patterns on fabric soon... when i can scope out the time. hope everyone is enjoying the last handful of days of january!

Monday, January 12, 2009


i so miss my healthy sleep schedule. i am still getting as many productive hours in the day, and normal amounts of sleep at night (a hearty seven!)-- though it has shifted about four hours later. this may be inevitable over any college winter break, but it makes me nutty!

speaking of... this has probably been one of the best winter breaks i can remember. a nice (but, whoa, so short) trip home for a week+, the laziest/best week ever with Ryan while he was off for new years/birthday, the most productive week EVER all by myself last week, and then... well... not sure what this week is shaping up to be, outside of preparing for the new semester. i got to see a lot of friends (as well as 3 doctors, and one more next week!). i'm now sitting warm next to lilly, enjoying the golden girls for the first time since my mysteriously free lifetime went away.

hope everyone is having a good 2009, and that those of you doing any school shopping will hop over to my etsy to pick up some notebooks to jot your notes/homework in. :)
here's some of the new stuff! these are notebooks with hand drawn patterns that were scanned in, then printed on glorious card stock. i added little clay ornaments and a few paintings, too!

Monday, January 5, 2009

and hellloooo 2009!

a new year. love the idea of it, a clean slate and all! 2008 was very serious and very rough- though i did teach myself lots of new crafty things and started up my etsy. i had this vivid memory last night of when i used to sit on my tiny couch in my old tiny apartment, carving linoleum and rubber for the first time. i would be blanketed up, very serious, and watching golden girls. it was a very safe feeling! i love that old apartment, i know i say it all the time, but it had so many good memories and nothing beats living alone. (well, with a cat and a part-time live-in boyfriend)

in 2009 i'm hoping to:
first and foremost, stop losing hair
grow hair and keep it
go on one great adventure (hoping to make it to france to visit liz! but i'm poor)
maybe get some more space to work, whatever that means
take some summer classes and be 100% on track to graduate 2010, since i'm behind from transferring
continue with my etsy, and double my sales? :)
finally have a real website! i'm talking to my fav illustrator san about doing some stuff for it, and having ryan put the actual site together. the idea is really exciting!
meet some more friends, and maybe actually have more than 2 girl friends?

sounds ambitious, but there's a whole year ahead of me! when i start to think that 2008 went by fast, i go back and think of the big changes, accomplishments, and decisions i made. it was about time to be over. as i said, new slate. love it. happy new year!

here are some more new notebooks in the shop.