Tuesday, June 30, 2009

islands in the stream

hi guys! i'm on day one of my four day summer. I AM SO HAPPY. i have been making things & watching movies all day (house bunny, what a way to go, steel magnolias, and now 1776 the musical). i've made lots of hand printed fabric yards, and some pillow slip covers that i'll photograph tomorrow when the sun is up. did i mention how happy i am? i really wish i took off the second half off the summer from school... :(

welp, i'm off to finish my movie and read a little more of dolly parton's autobiography. :) i think the video below is such a great example of what an extraordinary performer she is! did you know i love her, like, a lot?

Friday, June 19, 2009

catching up!

you know, for as much time i spend holed up in my room doing homework, i sure do have the feeling that i'm always on the go. i think it is just an issue of constantly having obligations and errands to tend to, even when i THINK i have time to myself. but i am getting a little better at sorting out my life and working on those goals i recently posted about... i think i would REALLY be in good shape with everything if it wasn't for dang summer classes. what was i thinking!
plus, my sister came through and stayed two days with me the other week, so i gt a little behind on everything. but other than my aunt & uncle, she was the first family member to visit me up here-- i've lived here three years now!

anywho- finally made some new stationary sets with that new (well, month old) block! i had so much fun coordinating colors & making fun palettes. i now cannot wait to test the block on fabric!

i also finally tackled my giant box of paper... recycled a bunch, sorted by size/whether it had been printed on, and finally made use of tinier strips. i made a bunch of new gift tags for the shop! really easy & fun. there are tons of styles in the shop already. :)

well! i have to get going. a dear friend from home is coming to stay with me a few days next week (with her boyfriend), so i'm trying to get all of my huuuuuge final papers done as soon as possible. first summer session is officially over monday the 29th! my nantucket travel plans with my lovely auntie fell through, so i'll have that entire week off before starting the second half of classes. looking forward to the time off! does anyone have any good holiday weekend plans for then?

Monday, June 8, 2009

a new month!

oh lord- so there i was thinking i had all the time in the world ahead of me to get busy and post/work. but it never works out like that, does it?? soon after writing my last post i carved a new linocut and... i have no idea what happened thereafter.

while my summer classes aren't TOTALLY consuming, the laziness that results between the hours of 1pm-5pm is. if i'm not working for philapets, i end up napping, running errands, going to the laundromat, munching, catching up on blogs, and doing puzzles. i guess that isn't so terrible, but i have pages and pages of ideas that i somehow have not gotten far into because i can't seem to find the right chunk of time to work. and that is seriously a shame!

but i had a little epiphany this weekend that, okay, i don't feel guilty for catching up on sleep (especially considering i've been going through a new ferretin/iv drip treatment for 2 weeks already)-- but i'm over it. in the coming weeks, i have some really fun summertime goals for myself:
-start a new exciting workout regimen! on top of borrowing the roommate's trainer and biking in my room every AM, i am doing a little research about what yoga videos people like. i have heard amazing things about yoga and i feel like it's something i really want to incorporate in my life. any suggestions?? a little speedy inside bike ride, yoga, and my usual 2+ miles of walking 5x a week... sounds so good to me!!
-read dolly parton's autobiography! the title "my life and other unfinished business" made me remember to update my blog, believe it or not... ha! i grabbed it on half.com for $5 along with...
-jane fonda's autobiography! yes!
-stop letting 3 hours of classes in the AM interfere with the productivity of the rest of my day. AKA no naps missy!
-rephotograph basically everything in my shop. i'm also seriously considering moving over to foxtrotting.etsy and having a whole new chic style. my current shop just feels so cluttered and i want to start over sorta. eek.

that's that. i SWEAR new stuff soon.