Thursday, May 7, 2009

two months later!

wow, so i haven't updated since my spring break back in march. that has a LOT to do with the fact that, once school started back up my work load tripled. i was coming right home to sit in front of the computer doing homework about 6-7 hours every day. i usually gave myself off friday nights and saturdays from homework, but was so burned out by the weekend that i just relaxed or spent time with ryan and friends.
two months later, i am TOTALLY ENJOYING LIFE. it has been raining here all week, and i haven't once started to pity myself on the soaking walks home. instead i've just... enjoyed it. i've enjoyed the warm rain, i've enjoyed the fact that having short hair means little to no humidity issues, and i've enjoyed the fact that everything seems to be falling into place.
i am feeling so dorky and gooey-- this past week was my "study week" and beginning of finals. i am almost done with the semester from hell! a few weeks ago, i had sort of an epiphany that maybe i'm not in the right major (yes, again). i spent some time thinking about what i really wanted, and in a single conversation with my roommate realized just how long i've been saying "well what I really want to do is..." - and now i'm going to do that! i'm switching to marketing, which i feel like is the right thing. i'm realizing now that it doesn't mean i am abandoning animals if i'm not running around in the jungle saving them (though that wouldn't be a bad fate). it's just what i need to do, and i'm exploring outlets to continue to help animals any way i can. but i think it's important to follow a career that feels natural, and makes you happy.
the change of major actually didn't make me any more behind! hooray. but to catch up with my 2010 graduation, i am taking summer classes both sessions, which means up at 7 and home at 1, 4 days a week. but i am so looking forward to my new path in life that i can't even complain!
i am also happy that: i love my jobs. both of them. how did i get so lucky? they don't even feel like jobs. i love my boyfriend, yeah gag i know but it's true. i love my dopey cat. i love my living situation and this apartment/my roommate/her crazy cat. i love my new major, and feeling confident and excited about school again. i'm just really very happy with everything right now!

while i was nuts with school, i put my shop on a little hiatus. now that i'm back, i wanted to come back into the scene bearing gifts. sooo! i was approached by a lovely lady who is having a series of giveaways, and through that you could win one of my tulip block print notebooks!
Go to:
It's also worth checking out the other items up-- as well as her blog itself! That's

I hope EVERYONE is as happy and dorky as I am... I'm about to sort through some old school notebooks & cut out doodles that I want to incorporate into new designs. Lilly is in the window, in the warm sun watching the rain. It's weird weather but I love it. :)