Wednesday, August 27, 2008


quick post. sorry my last one was soooo wordy!
summer's almost up. i start school next tuesday-- so scary. but i'm ready for autumn like you wouldn't believe!!
happy with my schedule i think, got my dorky ID, love my "job". cannot believe i am twenty.

new key rack for the keys i have to keep for work-- frame & hooks from ikea, assembled in about ten minutes by ryan, and a REALLY old test print on fabric in the frame.

new autumn block prints, illustrated by me & hand carved. two blocks per print! (so six new carved stamp linocuts total) soooo these are the new napkins :)

sooo! what's new with YOU?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

little milestones

oh my goodness, i almost titled this "my last day as a teenager" without thinking... but it REALLY is my last day as a teenager! i feel like i should be doing something really stupid & really wild, but here's been my day so far: i just met a new client (a dog named butter! i love her!) and went to cvs to fill a perscrip... on the way home i FINALLY stopped at the little open air market on passyunk & got a HUGE basil plant for $3!! pretty exciting, right? these are not the great adventures of a 19 year old... anywho, tomorrow is my big #20! no plans, and i'll probably just take it easy and let myself NOT work on anything productive whatsoever. i haven't had big big hullaballoo on my birthday since my 17th, what with moving 700 miles away and all, so please don't call me all day asking why i'm not out living the dream. that was sooo depressing last year. all i did was go to cvs then, too! haha

it's also coming up on my 2nd anniversary of being in philly. i moved the day after my 18th birthday, on the 22nd. and it's kind of sad to think that i've only been to visit GA twice since then-- once at christmas 2006, and once last summer 07. i am homesick a lot, so i don't know how i haven't gone home more than that (other than the hefty cost of a plane ticket.) i've had many, many ups & downs here-- i don't know if i've grown or matured all that much but i've experienced a pretty wide, & new, range of emotions. eep! oh and the 22nd is one year ry & my first date. if it was even a date. i think i only remember it sooo specifically because it was the day after my birthday. but it's cute, right?

hmm what else? ry & i went peach picking this weekend!! and i saw my first pear tree!! last week we also got to see radiohead & the eagles (team, not the band sadly-) play for free. played my first game of poker last night!! and a couple of days ago i realized that "purple nurples" is a play on words of "purple nipples" and can't stop laughing every time i think of it. i love my job, and my pets i take care of soooo much! and i love that i woke up to a big order this morning. i'm not CRAZY about my school schedule (which i keep trying to tweak to perfection) but i am happy about the thought of being in class again... weird.

the weather is getting cooler & i'm smiling more. summer isn't my favorite season, at all, so i won't be sad to shoo this one out. i'm already in the fall spirit, walking in the shade and trying to justify wearing jeans instead of shorts. here's a little of what i've been up to, in pictures.

Monday, August 11, 2008


okay, hi! i have been a little off the radar... just trying to get my school stuff sorted out (all at once! it has been SUCH a nightmare), doctor's appointments, placement testing, and exciting pre-job stuff. not to mention squeeeezing a little summer out!

i FINALLY start my job tomorrow-- i am a dog walker & cat sitter! i know it sounds dorky that i'm soo excited about it, but there are real paychecks, totally customizable schedule, insured company, and better pay than i've made in any other job i've ever had. i cannot waaaaait to get started after training tomorrow. i will have a double-income, PLAYING WITH ANIMALS and MAKING BAD ART! i like the direction things are heading.

hello!! is anyone else having amazing weather? it has been hovering under 80 degrees here... it makes me feel soooo dreamy for autumn weather. we also had another great, stormy sunday-- and there's no better excuse to lay in bed at watch TLC with your other half & fat cat than a thunderstorm.

i haven't made anything tooooo exciting lately-- i had a few custom orders that i really, really wish i had photographed! like a really interesting color combo set of napkins, and a huuuuge custom stamp. i just packaged them up before i remembered to take pictures.
but! i did find a use for all of the thin scraps of paper i had been hoarding (I KNEW they would be good for something)! i made tons of little notebooks with perforated pages-- perfect for whenever someone asks for a scrap (and you don't want to destroy your planners!) for notes or gum or whatever. i'm already loving using my own, which comes in use since i have a gum-fanatic boyfriend.

detail of the cute perforated pages

sunset at national park in NJ

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

i got hired for my dream job

i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired i got hired for my dream job dream job dream job dream job dream job dream job dream job dream job dream job dream job dream job :)

also had to take the subway by myself for the first time ever, last minute, in the rain, at 7AM, after waking up at 530, to temple, for 6 hours of placement testing. and it wasn't that bad :)