Thursday, July 16, 2009

lovely art links!

okay, so this second summer session is BORING. macroeconomics and business law! snoooore. it's totally on the other spectrum of art classes & environmental science classes. i just am ready to move onto my major courses...
i'm also having a hard time finding time to make stuff... no surprise there. but i am fortunately making time for good things otherwise-- volunteering at paws has been awesome, i can't wait to go back tomorrow! i'm also transforming my room veeery slowly into a more grown-up (see: not all generic ikea) space. exciting! i'll have picture updates of that soon.

i just wanted to post because i have found some VERY inspiring artists this week, and i want to share them with you!

by spread the love

and jon klassen's website, , is really amazing to go through. you can get some of his greeting cards at red cap cards, i got this guy to frame up!

i also got three cards, including the one above from gold teeth's etsy page. really cool silkscreened cards- i'm going to frame them up, too!

so you can see what i mean about having a more grown-up room-- framing pictures is a big deal for me, i almost never do it even though it makes everything look so much better. exciting!

Monday, July 6, 2009

back to school...

second half of summer session began today.
i always overwork myself, but i don't think i could handle not doing my very best in school. so i will probably be a little MIA for a bit again while i tend to my studies...

here are some of the pillowcases i added to the shop last week- lilly seems unimpressed.