Saturday, February 21, 2009

i'm moving!!

in ONE WEEK! i am moving!! i'm so, so excited. i am a little worried about how i am going to make it work, on top of etsy/work/school-- but working a little harder to get packed and moved in the midst of crazy life is totally worth it.

i found this GREAT place with a girl named kailey- it's $100 under the budget we were working on, central AC (this NEVER happens in philly), 1200 sq ft, huge livingroom & great bedrooms... and we EACH HAVE OUR OWN FULL BATHROOM. it's insane! she's also great and artsy/crafty and has wonderful kitchen appliances, so our domesticity is going to be in full bloom. the place is a totally great find, and if i hadn't happened to skip 2 classes for the first time at temple last monday, i wouldn't have seen the brief, non-detailed craigslist post with no pictures... it was literally a whim, but i have this goofy belief in fate when it comes to finding places. i couldn't believe how big it was, how cheap, and how nobody had snagged it yet. the week from seeing it, until now, has been incredibly stressful because i *just knew* something had to go wrong, that it was tooooo perfect. but we signed the lease today, and the official move in date is next weekend!

more room to work, more windows for lilly, really close to the grocery store (finally)... i am so happy :) i'm actually going to take this boring saturday night at home as an opportunity to get ahead on homework for next week, so i can transition more smoothly!

i hope miss lilly doesn't mind yet another move, esp since she's going to have a new boyf/roommate in a week. she is a well-traveled (but very agreeable) cat. i think she's going to love having another girl around, and having an opportunity to snuggle more strangers/guests. ahhhh so you probably won't hear from me, or see anything new, for like two weeks. but i promise new apartment pictures, pictures of lilly staring out her new windows (i'm stocking up on birdseed), and THEN new arty work. :) hope everyone's 2009 is turning out this exciting so far in!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


good. lord. i cannot believe how nutty i am with school work. i average 7 hours a night of hard work on homework from mon-thu, then take it easy friday and saturday with light reading for school on sunday. i'm also trying to turn sunday into a little more productive than snuggleday with ryan. i managed to complete some orders, as well as design & assemble (much needed) new packaging for my paper goods.

i am also, very excitedly, house/apt hunting with a girl named kailey. i think it is going to be a great new start, especially after we gushed about arts & crafts today. the goal is a little more space to work, a great kitchen, and having our two cats, and not spending much more. so far we have met some criteria, though not all at once. :( ideally, i'll get a callback from a house down the street tomorrow with the news that they are willing to let us have our cats. otherwise we have found a really funky/cute/totally unique place with great, sunny bedrooms and a cute roof deck. it isn't ideal for hosting lots of people at a time, but everything else is a wonderful size and close to the subway. okay, i'm gushing. i have moved 4 times since 2006 and i kind of enjoy the process of it.

in case you were wondering:
it's all out & starting to re-grow! i'm still almost completely bald in the back, so i wear hats constantly still... but this thick healthy regrowth is so exciting. i think my hair (color, texture) is coming back totally different.

other than that, i'm just trying to keep up with any orders that trickle in. i'm talking to a shop in old city about doing consignment there, which for once i'm totally going to follow through (i almost always talk myself out of it, if only because i hate the idea of giving a cut away) because i need to make more of an effort of an income whenever i have the chance.

hope everyone is doing lovely! ideally i'll have new things to post in the future... but it might not be for a month, when my spring break starts. eek!