Monday, August 11, 2008


okay, hi! i have been a little off the radar... just trying to get my school stuff sorted out (all at once! it has been SUCH a nightmare), doctor's appointments, placement testing, and exciting pre-job stuff. not to mention squeeeezing a little summer out!

i FINALLY start my job tomorrow-- i am a dog walker & cat sitter! i know it sounds dorky that i'm soo excited about it, but there are real paychecks, totally customizable schedule, insured company, and better pay than i've made in any other job i've ever had. i cannot waaaaait to get started after training tomorrow. i will have a double-income, PLAYING WITH ANIMALS and MAKING BAD ART! i like the direction things are heading.

hello!! is anyone else having amazing weather? it has been hovering under 80 degrees here... it makes me feel soooo dreamy for autumn weather. we also had another great, stormy sunday-- and there's no better excuse to lay in bed at watch TLC with your other half & fat cat than a thunderstorm.

i haven't made anything tooooo exciting lately-- i had a few custom orders that i really, really wish i had photographed! like a really interesting color combo set of napkins, and a huuuuge custom stamp. i just packaged them up before i remembered to take pictures.
but! i did find a use for all of the thin scraps of paper i had been hoarding (I KNEW they would be good for something)! i made tons of little notebooks with perforated pages-- perfect for whenever someone asks for a scrap (and you don't want to destroy your planners!) for notes or gum or whatever. i'm already loving using my own, which comes in use since i have a gum-fanatic boyfriend.

detail of the cute perforated pages

sunset at national park in NJ

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ambika said...

I honestly think that's got to be one of the best job's ever. & given that it's a service we've been considering using, it's reassuring to see someone so psyched about it!