Monday, November 3, 2008

ready for a long nap!

i've been MIA, haven't i? it's been kinda crazy lately. on top of the usual (school, walkin doggies, filling art orders), lots has been going on. of course, i haven't had the time to make anything new-- :( my favorite season is coming up and i have lots of ideas for it !

i had a short (but sweet)! getaway with ryan on the weekend of the 24th. we spent a day in salem, MA and a day (and a half?) in boston. our hotel was in lexington (i am partial to that area, plus it's a little cheaper and closeish to both salem AND boston)... more specifically, it was a totally hip new sheraton resort that was built over the classic sheraton i stayed at 4 years ago! anywho, it was super dreamy and wonderful. warmer than we hoped, but the leaves were changing so it was gorgeous.

last weekend was phillies insanity from them winning the world series (as was all of last week, now that i think of it) and halloween and stuff. i actually missed a lot of everything due to classes and poor timing... oh! and saturday morning i participated in my first craft fair thing, though it was SUPER small and SUPER last minute. it was outside of the whole foods at art museum-- the girl organizing it found/contacted me like 36 hours before, so i was running around getting packaging and pricing ready for that. it was like me and 10 other people, and i don't think anyone did terribly amazing- but i got to meet some people from etsy which was really fun! the weather was also super dreamy.

soooo that's been that. my weeks have also included the usual doctor's appts for this stupid alopecia areata... i had 45 more shots in the head, came off of my oral steroids, and am continuing my topical steroids. it's all falling out again just as bad when it first started, though. i made ryan run his hand through my hair tonight to see how easy it was, and he got a small handful. it's surreal. i have too little hair to hide my bald spots anymore. i think i am going to literally be 100% bald before it's finished, because i can't get to my doctor in time for a new prescription (work/class/voting tomorrow, i can't miss any more wednesdays for doctor's appts, so hopefully thurs! but it takes a few days)... even if i do get more oral steroids (which made me super nutty) they are only suppressants! there is no cure. so weird. i would say about 35-40% of my head is bald spots, and including the areas that have thinned i have lost 60% of my original hair mass. i went hat shopping but all of the hats for this season are that saggy beanie style for hipster girls with great big hair :( i am at a total loss at this point! i'm too scared to shave it off because i can't predict where will grow back, and it might be really gross to have a buzzed patchy head. yick. i guess it's really petty since my health itself is intact, but it's just been tough on top of some other things.

good news is, it's november. christmas is permeating the malls! the radios! tv ads! and i loooove it! i listen to christmas music year-round so this is my prime :)
okay well. hope everyone has nice weather for the long lines at voting tomorrow... please don't let a little rain change the course of history! i'm crossing my fingers (not to mention, shaking in my boots) for obama, and a group of us are going to get together to watch the count tomorrow night. i don't want to get political because i know everyone is tired of hearing about it, but i honestly don't know what will happen to this country without him. or more seriously, what will happen to the world and the animals in it.

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t said...

Just to let you know you're not alone with the alopecia areata. When it's so active like yours is now and you feel so in between having hair, patchy hair, it's really frustrating and challenging. There are so many of us.Have you been to the social networking site Lots of support and great people there. There's a Philly group.

One of the sites that has a big hat assortment is for every kind of head. I see a lot of knitted beanie styles this season, too, which fit close to the head.

Let me know if I can help with any other resources for hats, hair, etc. Hang in there,

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