Wednesday, December 3, 2008

taking a break

ahhh!! my last full week of classes! next week we have 3 regular days, then two days off as "study days" before a week of finals. i cannot believe the end of the semester is here. i don't think i realized how little would be left after thanksgiving... it's such a blur!

i am taking a break from a night of intense cleaning (hour 2, still about 2-3 hours until i'll be satisfied) to watch the lighting of the tree (can't wait to see miley cyrus perform!!) on NBC. I LOVE CHRISTMAS! i really do! i have just about finished my christmas shopping-- most of which was on etsy. i got some really, really amazing gifts for my family. i did do a little regular store shopping, and it just reminded me how much i love gift giving. i sort of pride myself on being super good at listening to what people like/want and being a good gift giver, so it's REALLY fun for me. i especially have fun shopping for ryan, since he is a challenge with him having his birthday 5 days after xmas. last year i prepared stockings for us along his gifts, and i have great ideas for super sweet stocking stuffers this year. ack, i am going to be the best aunt/mom/godmother ever some day!!

okay, so it's been a while since i've posted. and a while since i've had time to make anything new, since any craft time lately has been devoted to orders. BUT i have lots of new ideas, and am going to start focusing a little on printing on card stock to make notebooks as well as all of the traditional printmaking techniques i use. here's one of the first ones that will be made! i can't wait to see how it turns out as a notebook:

you can also use it as a tiled background for your desktop!
oh my goodness i cannot wait to watch tony bennett & miley cyrus perform christmas music!!! i am going to try to get to NYC the weekend after this to see the tree, as one last hurrah before i head to atlanta the weekend after. this weekend, i have a crafty fatty sleepover planned with melissa and jamie... a reunion long, long overdue. i am a happy girl. i stopped taking my prednisone and suddenly i'm back to my old self! i'm going bald faster (ack! ha) but at least i feel physically well again for the first time in months. hope everyone is well!!

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