Tuesday, February 10, 2009


good. lord. i cannot believe how nutty i am with school work. i average 7 hours a night of hard work on homework from mon-thu, then take it easy friday and saturday with light reading for school on sunday. i'm also trying to turn sunday into a little more productive than snuggleday with ryan. i managed to complete some orders, as well as design & assemble (much needed) new packaging for my paper goods.

i am also, very excitedly, house/apt hunting with a girl named kailey. i think it is going to be a great new start, especially after we gushed about arts & crafts today. the goal is a little more space to work, a great kitchen, and having our two cats, and not spending much more. so far we have met some criteria, though not all at once. :( ideally, i'll get a callback from a house down the street tomorrow with the news that they are willing to let us have our cats. otherwise we have found a really funky/cute/totally unique place with great, sunny bedrooms and a cute roof deck. it isn't ideal for hosting lots of people at a time, but everything else is a wonderful size and close to the subway. okay, i'm gushing. i have moved 4 times since 2006 and i kind of enjoy the process of it.

in case you were wondering:
it's all out & starting to re-grow! i'm still almost completely bald in the back, so i wear hats constantly still... but this thick healthy regrowth is so exciting. i think my hair (color, texture) is coming back totally different.

other than that, i'm just trying to keep up with any orders that trickle in. i'm talking to a shop in old city about doing consignment there, which for once i'm totally going to follow through (i almost always talk myself out of it, if only because i hate the idea of giving a cut away) because i need to make more of an effort of an income whenever i have the chance.

hope everyone is doing lovely! ideally i'll have new things to post in the future... but it might not be for a month, when my spring break starts. eek!

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