Monday, June 8, 2009

a new month!

oh lord- so there i was thinking i had all the time in the world ahead of me to get busy and post/work. but it never works out like that, does it?? soon after writing my last post i carved a new linocut and... i have no idea what happened thereafter.

while my summer classes aren't TOTALLY consuming, the laziness that results between the hours of 1pm-5pm is. if i'm not working for philapets, i end up napping, running errands, going to the laundromat, munching, catching up on blogs, and doing puzzles. i guess that isn't so terrible, but i have pages and pages of ideas that i somehow have not gotten far into because i can't seem to find the right chunk of time to work. and that is seriously a shame!

but i had a little epiphany this weekend that, okay, i don't feel guilty for catching up on sleep (especially considering i've been going through a new ferretin/iv drip treatment for 2 weeks already)-- but i'm over it. in the coming weeks, i have some really fun summertime goals for myself:
-start a new exciting workout regimen! on top of borrowing the roommate's trainer and biking in my room every AM, i am doing a little research about what yoga videos people like. i have heard amazing things about yoga and i feel like it's something i really want to incorporate in my life. any suggestions?? a little speedy inside bike ride, yoga, and my usual 2+ miles of walking 5x a week... sounds so good to me!!
-read dolly parton's autobiography! the title "my life and other unfinished business" made me remember to update my blog, believe it or not... ha! i grabbed it on for $5 along with...
-jane fonda's autobiography! yes!
-stop letting 3 hours of classes in the AM interfere with the productivity of the rest of my day. AKA no naps missy!
-rephotograph basically everything in my shop. i'm also seriously considering moving over to foxtrotting.etsy and having a whole new chic style. my current shop just feels so cluttered and i want to start over sorta. eek.

that's that. i SWEAR new stuff soon.

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