Wednesday, November 11, 2009

two months!

good lord, two months not blogging here?
truth is, i am maxed out in life. i don't really have a lot of opportunity to make stuff anymore! i've also started blogging at tumblr because it allows me to make short (sometimes thoughtful) posts, rather than feeling super anxious about writing a big ol' post here.

go check it out at !


Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Found your blog, checked out your tumblr, couldn't figure out if I could comment or not, so I came back here.

That James Vanderbeek picture is much too awesome. I used to have a major preteen crush on him.

julie said...

i am JUST NOW watching the entire series. i can't believe how ridiculous it's gotten!

Shira said...

I'm completely ignorant when it comes to figuring out how to answer comments on my blog, so I came here. I wanted to say that YES! I am so excited for making silver rings out of blocks of wax. The ones in the photo probably won't ever make it to the metal stage. They are more like practice for my final design. But it is way cool and I am definitely excited about all the possibilities.

Also, I look at your tumblr blog all the time and I LOVE the stuff you put on there.