Wednesday, October 1, 2008

hellooooo october!!

i am in the best mood right now! i have had a strange week so far, but i honestly can not find the feelings to complain oneeee bit. i budgeted my time away from school & work to not only make a really fun custom napkin order this week, but make TWO new gocco screens!! here is a sneak peek of one pattern i made up-- i am going to make lots of notebooks and cards from the prints tonight. :)

i think now that i have a good routine with school (and completing thu-mon's homework by every wednesday night! i am such a dork, but i LOVE not having hw on weekends-) that i can start crafting some more. i think that the lack of art time (as well as my awful steroids, ugh!) were contributing to me being a real negative grumpy butt for a good two weeks there. but! i have cut back on my medicine and i have loooots of new hair growth, so i am a happy healthy girl. not to mention these 60-something temperatures on the ten day weather forecast. yay!

aaaaand! announcing the winner of the blog giveaway: congrats to toria munoz! i've given you a heads up, girl, so once you get your contact info to me i'll get either the pendant or print right out to ya! thank you EVERYONE for participating! i found some greeeat new blogs as a result :)

i hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of the new month, considering all of the craaaazy things that are going on in the world/US right now. just remember to keep looking forward and that you will always have those who love you as that one stable force in your life. !

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San Smith said...

I'm so glad to hear you are doing better!! I was worried about you and your pretty hair :P And hooray for making time for art and crafting! I like your new plant print - it reminds me of this leave print that a brand called Orla Kiley (sp?) does that is so so cute. I love little leaves like that :)