Friday, September 26, 2008

almost october!

i am spending this friday in, by myself, in my PJs. i am soooo happy! i haven't had a night without homework, custom orders, or plans in a long, long time! i wanted to go craft crazy, but i got a little distracted with the debates. it is still early, so i might try to do a little embroidery on some napkins that i dyed brown before ryan heads back over.

did anyone watch the office premier last night? it was so funny. i didn't realize how hilarious i thought it was until i kept thinking of quotes today. my favorite in particular was the reference to the girl in the art school dorms crying to the RA because "her roommate drank her soy milk". i am actually really excited about all of the art school references that may come this season. one of the writers MUST have gone, because it was dead on.

a few of us got together to watch it, and between homework/cleaning yesterday i FINALLY finally took the time to make up some cute autumn treats! i made three batches (eep! dishes-a-rama!) of rice krispie treats: plain, peanutbutter, and chocolate. i guessed on the recipe as far as adding additional ingredients, and i think they came out all right... they got eaten! i only had a few spots in my new halloween mold/silicone pan (candy corn and ghosts!), so the rest i flattened out, cut into squares and tossed with whole marshmallows, chocolate chips, and halloween sprinkles. not very healthy, but reallyyyy tasty!

don't forget about my giveaway! just comment on the previous post and you could win goodies! have a great weekend, everyone. :)


micaela6955 said...

oh, those look delicious! Now you are making me hungry :D

Tackyhandmade said... make some yummy treats!! I would love to win!!

missknits said...

omgosh! those look soo yummy!!!

soapdeli said...

Mmm. You've just made me really hungry!

Blakely said...

I love pjs on Fridays! I'm a teacher though, so that luxury only comes June to August. I'll be gardening in pjs though on Saturday- then maybe on Sunday I'll make some sweet treats for my students!