Monday, January 5, 2009

and hellloooo 2009!

a new year. love the idea of it, a clean slate and all! 2008 was very serious and very rough- though i did teach myself lots of new crafty things and started up my etsy. i had this vivid memory last night of when i used to sit on my tiny couch in my old tiny apartment, carving linoleum and rubber for the first time. i would be blanketed up, very serious, and watching golden girls. it was a very safe feeling! i love that old apartment, i know i say it all the time, but it had so many good memories and nothing beats living alone. (well, with a cat and a part-time live-in boyfriend)

in 2009 i'm hoping to:
first and foremost, stop losing hair
grow hair and keep it
go on one great adventure (hoping to make it to france to visit liz! but i'm poor)
maybe get some more space to work, whatever that means
take some summer classes and be 100% on track to graduate 2010, since i'm behind from transferring
continue with my etsy, and double my sales? :)
finally have a real website! i'm talking to my fav illustrator san about doing some stuff for it, and having ryan put the actual site together. the idea is really exciting!
meet some more friends, and maybe actually have more than 2 girl friends?

sounds ambitious, but there's a whole year ahead of me! when i start to think that 2008 went by fast, i go back and think of the big changes, accomplishments, and decisions i made. it was about time to be over. as i said, new slate. love it. happy new year!

here are some more new notebooks in the shop.

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