Thursday, January 22, 2009

back to school, yuck

tis the season for books and short nights of sleep and sore bones from being bent over homework. i opted to take an additional class beyond what i essentially took last semester, forgetting that the math & chem i had then was super easy basic material... so i'm pretty much feeling flustered already. while i love homework, i've been much more beat than usual lately. it doesn't help that i had to go to the doctor today (what else is new!), which resulted in my first missed class of the semester... three days in! i'm hoping this semester will be a lot less, hm, health intensive, so i can keep my work on track. i had a dang b+ stinking up my grades and can hopefully get ALL a's this time around.

so basically, if you think of lilly as homework and scuz as me, this is a pretty good metaphor for my week.

(there is a whole series of these, taken by my poor roommate, that i've posted on my flickr)

i am hoping to do some silk screening patterns on fabric soon... when i can scope out the time. hope everyone is enjoying the last handful of days of january!


Lou Caltabiano said...


Fortunate roommate**

Funniest sight of my life.

jess gonacha said...

ha ha ha!!! i LOVE your metaphor. Good luck with all the homework!!