Monday, September 15, 2008

brief mid-sept update

sooo. i am very busy with school, repetitive homework, seven hour jury duty this AM, trying to remember the few names of classmates that i've learned, doing some philapets work and making art/craft stuff WHENEVER i can! which hasn't been very much lately, except for a big boutique napkin order and a few little sales here and there. nothing new, which is making my skin crawl. i need a little time off to breathe and make make make!

soo! my health: the hair loss wasn't a chemical burn, after all. it has been almost two weeks, and i have lost about 1/3 of my hair count by now. saturday, it got so bad (huge huge chunks) that i had my handsome boyfriend take me to the ER (i felt like such a jerk there) to try to handle the situation. they took me seriously, thank goodness, and ran a few blood tests to figure out what is going on. i got the results back this afternoon with no answers, so i made an urgent dermatologist appt for tomorrow (i'll have to miss a class for it, which means i have to go in early to make up stuff for three different classes between health/jury duty). we know it's alopecia, but not what type, how permanent, why it's happening, etc. everyone's best guess is that it might be stress related from my big adult decision-making back in may, that left me crying for weeks.
at the first hospital trip, i was prescribed steroids and told to not brush/wash my hair as much as possible. i did wash it today, of course, and sooo much hair came out in the brush (a thick handful!) that i am following orders and keeping my hair in a loooose ponytail now. i think all i can stand is to wash it every other day, though... i'm hoping the steroids will start working soon, because i can move on past this hair loss... as long as it stops before it gets impossible to hide! i have very little left, including yucky bald patches on the underside of my hair line. and tonight i found one on the back top of my head, that is so very visible. my aunt (who has been amazing through this, as well as the other females in my family that have come rooting for old baldy here) ordered me some treatment that has only had insanely amazing reviews-- i am excited to start using it ASAP, though the turnaround time may be a little slow.

okay, well, i just wanted to let everyone know that's why i haven't been art/crafting/blogging very much. i had to buy goggles for my chem lab, and i think i may bejewel them tonight haha. i feel so ridiculous lately that it may be just the extra sparkle i need in my life for that 8:30AM lab class.

hope everyone is doing well!! my RSS feed is constantly overflowing, it's soo hard to catch up but i am reading everyone's blogs and am so happy with the great stuff everyone is making! love love.

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surf-ninja said...

Any recent changes in your diet? Could you have been exposed to any parasites/chemicals while working with animals?