Tuesday, February 19, 2008

hello, first post

well. here's where i am at this second, rather than trying to be retrospective and catch up with nineteen years:

i live in philadelphia, pa. a city that i hate very much, with the exception of my tiny overpriced apartment, two fond friends, my fugly cat, and my boyfriend. it's hard for me to admit that i really only have three people here that i am even moderately close to, since i moved away from countless close, wonderful, brilliant, selfless friends to come here.

i quit the art school i was attending (university of the arts) because a week before my sophomore year classes started, i realized i was on the wrong path. i finished out the semester and have now applied to transfer to five different cities. wherever i end up (a huge debate!), i will be studying to be a wildlife technician.

wrote this in my other functioning blog about ten minutes ago:
quite a while ago, mitt romney dropped out. thank god, those nightmares have stopped
however, i am still dreaming about mike rowe and one magical giant birthday cake. really.
today castro stepped down and i'm mostly just worried about cuba's environmental policies. sorry, but i call it like i see it and he was one heckuva conservationist. ugh weird.

finished every single college transfer app, paid collegeboard.com so much for AP and SAT scores, done with uarts forev. those things. i think i mentioned that already.
actually, i stopped by and visited the fibers girls and got much-needed long, long hugs. i'm going to try to keep in touch with a few of them better. i still kick myself all the time for not taking pictures even once of the studio/girls.

i finally saw joe today, on purpose, for the first time since about the summer. we have fortunately run into each other a few times but somehow our wires kept getting too crossed to have any real time to reconnect. weekly lunches with jamie. seeing mistie here and there. in ryan's arms, eating his delicious pasta and helping him with homework most thu-sun. not to mention drunk dials and care packages from some people too far away to run into. it's nice right now. the times i don't sit and evaluate and re-evaluate my options, they are good times.

besides answering my big questions, trying to budget is so hard, especially when nobody gets that i really have been trying to snag a job. i have waned in my efforts somewhat because i got discouraged. also, because i got an odd job that provided a little income boost. need more of them, if anyone knows of any.

also, help! my inspiration/drive has run totally freaking dry and i don't know how to stand up, walk over to my work space, and get cracking. suggestions there, too.
hope you're all well, whoever still reads this at all.

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