Tuesday, February 26, 2008

first five stamps

+this is what happened to my macbook power adapter in about 36 hours, from tiny tear to total meltdown. looking at the reviews of the adapter on apple.com's shop, apparently this has happened to hundreds of people. most of which are not lucky enough to have theirs replaced for free- i think i only did because i told the applecare rep that i was burned, and he switched me over to a supervisor in a panic. anyway, called them yesterday at noon and had a new one by this morning. my faith in apple has been restored.

+sometime last week, i remembered sitting in a friend's art class in high school and messing around with rubber and carving tools... and how fucking much i loved it. except, i carved freehand and actually wasted a lot of good, expensive linoleum and rubber without realizing it. so i took a trip to pearl over this weekend and spent money (that i don't have) on supplies! i was DYING to craft all weekend, but just couldn't find the down time. so yesterday i sat down and made my first five stamps, and here they are! i still haven't quite gotten the hang of using the tacky (as in sticky) speedball ink with the roller, so some of these aren't quite as crisp as they should be.

i started off with these super simple flower shapes- based on vintage wallpaper i found. they look really dinky alone, but when used as a pattern they are kind of cute.

this stamp is going to be used heavily to (ideally) produce that sort of ornate wallpaper pattern that is so hot right now.

an acorn! sooo super cute. adapted from some clip art i found.

my own dinky mountains, and the only freehand stamp i've done so far.

i'll post the cards/stationary/clothes??/whatever i end up using these for when that ship sails.


Jamie Jasta said...

i LOVE the vintage wallpaper one.

Seamus Stimpson said...

I like the dinky mountains a lot. Then again, I love reproductions of mountains in just about anything (hence half of my album art). I may ask for more Dinky Mountains someday.

Alison said...

Fancy seeing you here - looking good.

San said...

cuuuuute - and thats crazy about the apple cord