Tuesday, February 19, 2008

on cats, cameras, knitting, and zooey.

+this friday, ryan and i went to buy cameras together. i finally used my best buy credit (from returning all of my christmas presents) and got a sony cybershot. i was really holding out for a DSLR (which ryan ended up getting, and it is so gorgeous) but i realized i should start by having a camera i am likely to pull out and use. one of the things i've regretted most about the time i've spent here is the total lack of pictures i have to account for it. right now it's just allowed me to take more pictures of my cat, but soon it'll be worth it. i bet. hopefully.

+i am trying to use my out-of-school and (unwillingly) unemployed time for creative efforts, but it's been so hard to get myself in shape. i have been dying to make the ridiculously cute knitted bangles from see mi knit, but have somehow still not found the right bracelets to start with. check out the link if you're even remotely interested in knitting. it's nuts how easy it is.

+before i go, i have to do a terrible thing and suggest you all run out and download the new zooey deschenel project, she & him. it's twangy and motowny and zooey's vocals are every bit as dreamy as you'd expect from her. just download the early release now and then go buy the real thing when it comes out.

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Holly said...

I got a cybershot, too! I really like it. :)
- Holly