Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a very etsy post

so i survived that nasty heat wave we had last a week ago or so- it was like 100 degrees and unbreathable humidity. nuts! today, though, it was like 78, sunny, breezy wonderful. so i recruited mistie & we ran some errands back and forth, then walked into the area i used to live to go to pearl... ugh it was sooo nice out! we easily walked about five miles the whole trip, and it felt so so good out that i hardly noticed at all. i hope we have at least a few more of these days before summer humidity comes in full swing, yucky.

let's see, what else? still leisurely crafting. made two pretty big linocuts last week- a jellyfish and a set of coral. made some new stationary & books with them, and one of the jellyfish hello cards is listed at the bottom of an etsy front page article! (http://www.etsy.com/storque/section/thisHandmadeLife/article/etsy-world-tour-bermuda-with-lusciousnaturals/1977/) super cool. did i mention that a few weeks ago i made etsy front page itself? that was pretty fun, too! not that the admin really hand pick each item to be on the front page, that comes from treasuries.

aaaand speaking of, i finally had good enough timing to snag a treasury and get some of my favorite items out there! i'm really hoping it makes front page because i really, really want all of the items to sell for these artists because they are pretty amazing. you can view it at: http://www.etsy.com/treasury_list_west.php?room_id=13341
clicking on the items helps the chances of it hitting front page, i think, i'm not really positive how the admin pick particular lists. but anyway it's totally worth sorting through because they are crazy amazing.

alright well check those links if you have time! etsy sure is fun. i'm going to go work on a super secret corn dog crest linocut... ha! but really i am. let me know how you're doing in a comment, i love to know who actually keeps up with this. c:

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w said...

its 105 and up in vegas. but at least we aren't humid.

i so wish i was more artistic.
grats on making the front page on etsy. i love etsy.