Monday, June 2, 2008

thoughts on moving

i have nearly finished unpacking... this is probably the slowest i've ever packed & unpacked, but there's just so, so much stuff and i keep getting so distracted! i wish i had a picture of lou's living room on move-in day, it was amazing to see the heart, soul, and guts of my old apartment disassembled, bagged, and in puzzle-packed three cubic feet boxes.

lou's cat, scuz, is having a hard time adjusting to his first real interactions with another cat. he's taking it out on everyone, (mostly lou) but is calming down a little more every day. i feel so bad because it's his home and lilly bumbles around like she owns the place.
she thinks she is in heaven with all of the snooping and adventuring that a new house & moving boxes provides. not to mention carpet, hello! she just rolls and rolls and massages it and rubs her face on it- in my next life i want to come back as a fluffy overfed ugly cat.

(lilly in her second fav spot in the new place. she loooves this bathroom window)

just spoke to my mother for the first time in about a week i guess, and she was asking me about the move and and the house and all... and she started asking me about lou, since i referred to him as the nicest guy in our group of friends- and she said "WHAT i thought he was MY AGE! i thought he was old! like in his fourties or fifties!" and then started asking if he had a girlfriend, if he was a "nice guy", and if we shared a bathroom. so apparently she's thought that i was moving in with a 50 year old man for some time and never thought to ask any questions, but because he is around my age group she starts to think suspiciously? seriously, she thought i was going to live with an old dude?

i am quite tired and trying to get on track with this wedding order & a custom order. i just want my room to be doooooone. and before i go, here is the finished al borland painting. it's been done for many weeks but i was too lazy to cut it down, photo, and post it.


also known as lola said...

holy shit that painting is beautiful.

also known as lola said...

oh jeez, i wish i made it. i got it off of

and yes, as soon as i can i am making the hats and you will get two.