Tuesday, July 8, 2008

inspiration standstill

wellllll. after getting so excited about the block printed napkins, i'm experiencing a little craft blah. i've embroidered a little the past couple of days for pleasure, and am still working on custom orders/consignment-- but as far as feeling like creating something totally new (or maybe just creating new something to sell??) i'm kind of burned out! i think it's partially to do with it being a rough week, as far as family/ex-landlord/school stuff... but i'm trying to keep a smile on my face and be somewhat productive.

my bike is downstairs, it's amazing. brakes aren't ready (yes, i am about to totally destroy my boyfriend for letting me SEE it while it's still not usable) but i go down and oogle it all the time... pictures soon! and that sonova-you know what better have it ready sooooon.(.. ha jk!) i can't complain much since it's a DREAM BIKE and it was totally free, except for a few odds and ends i had to pick up at the bike store.

hmmm, what else? lots of birthdays coming up. wish i had more of a real job so i could go overboard shopping... i finally got my resume/app to my *DREAM JOB* turned into a pdf (again, i have a useful, wonderful boyfriend) and sent out... ooh i hope that turns out. in the mean time, it's more applications & resumes being dropped off with fingers crossed. booo hoooo.

ohhh! i remember why i was posting now! i want to start a featured artists blog, but with a 50-states theme. i've already registered the name, i just want to know what people think/hear suggestions of artists before i go starting something new and crazy. i basically just want to show a few thumbnails, where they are from, fav. galleries/restaurants in their hometown, maybe an art piece of theirs in particular that has been inspired by their hometown? i think that, after assembling the 50 states and beginning to double up on states, it would be cool to have a clickable art map. anywho that's far in the future-- just wanted some input on the idea.

no pictures this post! hope everyone is having a good evening.