Saturday, March 1, 2008


almost 3AM on a saturday night- the second night this weekend that i've stayed in by choice to work on someone else's typeface homework. really! i think i am at my peak of my pathetic homebody lifestyle.

to pass a little time while i wait on ryan to get back from the bar, here are a few links and things i have been really into lately!
Paper/stationary that you literally PLANT after reading! Not to mention it is so, so beautiful. I am dying to get my hands on some.
Really exciting furniture design. I am nuts about every single piece. Planar furniture esp! I went to a plastic store in Philly the other day and was going nuts over the smelly, freshly melted and molded furniture. I would never own it, but I could look at it for days and days.
Geninne's Art Blog. I don't know this woman personally, but I (as well as many others) check up on her art updates regularly. She does some stamp carving, but mostly painting and illustration of precious little birdies. Tons of gorgeous pictures of her cabin and studio space- it's sooo inspiring.
My Paper Crane blog. As far as I am concerned, she is THE world's best! most exciting! plushmaker. Especially her recreations of things around the home (um hullo, happy toilet). This is a really good site & blog to browse on shitty gloomy days.

i am so bored now that i have nothing else to work on tonight. hopefully tomorrow is a day full of stamp-/card-making, crafts, snoozing/snuggling, etc. although i haven't earned it, i could sure use a warm, wonderful sunday.

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