Friday, March 21, 2008

few things

so i am having to deal with the fact that, in less than two months, i will be totally out of my apartment. i am JUST NOW getting everything where i want it (as much as i can for a renter that can't paint/put up shelves). i'm trying to document everything and will post any semi-interesting parts as i get them together.

ry's bike and a solution to excess polaroids/white wall space

the radiator+cover that serves as an extra shelf in my tiny kitchen- it's about twice this size but the rest is just herbs, sugar, garlic, etc. above it are the dirty cakes that i have made or made with friends- i need to put a few newer ones up.

i'm going to miss my apartment, if only because i'm so settled in. i really wish i had a bigger apartment and hope my next one is about double this size. ryan and i always talk about how great it would be if my place were big enough to have friends over for dinner, drinks, movies, etc. we always cook such yummy food, and have been sooo brainwashed by food network entertaining specials. and last night i was thinking how great it would be to host dinner/cocktail parties that cost $5 or a +/- donation, which would go directly to the arbor day foundation for rain forest space (sooo cheap for so much space you can save!), to pay for a bed in a pet shelter, etc. i mean, imagine how much more rewarding would that be than knowing your $5 at a kegger or something is going to profit the host. which is par for a lot of parties up here. ugh.

also, i made four etsy sales this week. which is exciting but pretty slow considering i have really no other income right now. yiiick. then i got a reply from esquire about a nutty letter i wrote them at 4AM a week or so ago- they asked me to confirm my details/that i wrote it because they are "considering running it in an upcoming issue". ha! i'm really not banking on it, but it was a real crack up to find that reply.

before i go, here are a few rings i made earlier this week- stamped polymer clay/gloss varnish and experimental resin bits i made over the summer.



hope said...

i really like the polaroid on strings idea. its so simple and adorable!

Alison said...

You're cute. Jovana and I are considering hanging things like that in our apartment now. (We need quick fix solutions because we basically just come home from campus, grab some food, and then pass out. Our walls are completely bare and we've lived here for nearly eight months.)

San said...

this post is really inspiring - i love seeing home photos and craft photos. and your boy rides a bike! fun stuff.

Lou Caltabiano said...

You need to make me a stamp!