Friday, March 14, 2008

thank you for being a friend

so i can't stop watching golden girls. part of my insomnia is because it comes on at about 1 AM, right when my body clock generally is telling me to get to bed.

so besides the hilarity that is inevitable every fucking episode, i watch a lot just for the fashion. no, seriously. i cannot get enough of the sweaters! the patterns! rose's hot legs (also not a joke)! i would trade over my wardrobe, WITHOUT QUESTION, for even half of what they own. (or to have legs like rose's.) well, not so much blanche or dorothy, but sophia and rose. ugh. that's where it's at.

before you think i am nuts, take a look at this glorious collage i made (... yeah.) of some stills. and even if you're like, no way, that's gross... just picture really cute scene girl's faces on top of the golden girls'. i think i have proved my point.

have a great weekend!

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Jamie Jasta said...

so, i'm coming over your place at 1am every day because i haven't seen golden girls in forever and i miss it.